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Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

Jewelry Cleaning Cloth


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We have been using and selling this cloth for over 18 years!

This unique two-in-one cloth was developed by Blitz®, the leading producer of fine quality jewelry cleaning products since 1912.  The 100% cotton flannel cloth is thoroughly impregnated with non-toxic cleaning and polishing agents especially formulated for fine jewelry and contains Blitz® tarnish inhibitors.  Over twenty million satisfied users are testimony to the effectiveness of Blitz® Polishing Cloths. 

This 11”x 14” two-ply cloth is made from 100% soft cotton flannel.  The white interior cloth is thoroughly treated with the finest polishing agents that remove and inhibit tarnish, leaving gold, silver and platinum shining like new.

  • Do not wash, will remove special cleaning agents.
  • Cloth contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives.
  • Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly
  • Made in the USA

Do not use on thin-plated jewelry.

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