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Alligator Graphite Pencil

AS Batle

  • 6800

These pencils are a mix of fine art and a functioning drawing tool. The beautiful writing instruments allow you to bring an artistic touch to your everyday life.

Thriving in the fresh water habitats of the American subtropical southeast, the Alligator is the undisputed apex predator of land and water. Virtually unchanged for 200 million years, it is a floating time capsule armed with a prehistoric ferocity that fought with dinosaurs. Respected and admired throughout time, it has become a symbol of strength and power, a living reminder of the enduring untamable wilderness.

Quick facts:  Natural graphite & smudge resistant compounds fused in specialized forms under intense pressure. Handcrafted, each piece is meticulously fashioned using innovative methods artist Agelio Batle originated. Any part writes, while resisting staining hands. And yes, will break if dropped.

Each sculpture comes safely packaged in a special AS Batle Box with an enclosure telling about the artist and another telling about the significant item.

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