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Three Peas in a Pod...Simply Sterling & Company

Published 2015 in the February Issue of Forsyth Woman

40-SimplySterlingLeaFeb15-SFW    Simply Sterling & Company continues to be a pillar in the community of small business “retail therapy” for a bevy of women, providing them a cornucopia of temptation, like any boutique worth its weight should. We are so grateful for each of them, as well as the men in their lives that surprise them from time to time with a special gift from our store. Having now been in our new location at The Village at Robinhood for almost a year and a half, we have re-established ourselves in the community, adding to our following. I want each person who walks through our doors to immediately feel welcomed. We appreciate our customers; it’s not rocket science, we are nothing without them!

I am so thankful for the support of my family, friends and extended family of customers who have encouraged me to keep doing what I do best…just being me – the most unorganized, fly by the seat of her pants, late to and for everything control freak, who worries too much about her hair and what everyone else thinks of her. Then God says “you are the you I made and created, so just be you.” Nothing else to say except “thank you” for all that I am blessed with daily.

Simply Sterling & Company has been a blessing and an incredible outlet for me to use the gifts the Lord has given me. On occasion, you will find one, or maybe two, of my blessings with me at the store – my daughters, Madison and Natalie. They both have their gifts and are a continuous help and support. Madison, 20, and a junior at Davidson College, grew up during the Home Show era of Simply Sterling. She has seen her fair share of jewelry pricing and every other facet of the business side up close and personal. I believe that her years of hands-on experience and watchful eyes have shaped her, and me, in so many ways and helped her grow into the well-grounded, well-rounded young lady she is today. She is a pillar of level-headed strength and support to me on so many levels and continues to help with the store when school and life allow.

Her sister, Natalie, who is 11 and a sixth-grader at Jefferson Middle School, has not missed a beat in joining the Simply Sterling legacy. She loves helping at the store, and all the customers are amazed at how mature and well-poised she is, from the time she greets them and helps them find their purchases to when she checks them out and packages their items. She takes her job seriously and loves to be a part of “Mommy’s store.” Even more, she always anticipates our next store party as she thoroughly enjoys helping plan the event, and participating in the creation of the special treats which we hand-make to serve our guests! She is quite the little leader and creator. Both of them, on many occasions, have been called “Little Lea” which just makes my heart smile! I couldn’t be more proud!
The three of us together, well, we are just three peas in a pod. They are so creative and social, with just enough quirk and sass to keep it fun – what a trio! I am so happy to be able to give them this early opportunity to learn valuable life skills. I think we all want to shine at what we do, but as C.S. Lewis said, “Don’t shine so others can see you. Shine so that, through you, others can see Him.” This would be my ongoing hope for myself, my daughters, the rest of our family and our humble establishment.

So, on any given day, except Sunday, you can stop in for a welcoming shopping experience. You will be smitten with warm, southern hospitality. Any passerby will be enthralled by our collection of jewelry, apparel, handbags, lotions and more! Whether you need something or not, the experience will leave your mind impressed and prepared for any upcoming special gift or that retail therapy that any woman who reads this knows is necessary from time to time – we’ve got you covered!

In case we haven’t had the pleasure of your company, we are located right off Robinhood Road at the intersection of Meadowlark, approximately 3.5 miles from Silas Creek, in The Village at Robinhood Shopping Center. If nothing else, tell Siri that we are at 5275 Robinhood Village Drive, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106, and she will promptly direct you. We are open Monday through Saturday from 10am-6pm. If you have more questions, just give us a call at 336.896.0077. P.S…there is plenty of parking, too!