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Yes It's True...Simply Sterling is Back!

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Seeing the evidence of another “wonderful shop” closing is always heartbreaking to consumers.  In this economy, providing beautiful, quality, one-of-a kind items at a reasonable price requires business owners to sometimes make those difficult choices.   Lea Church Brendle openly shares, “After sixteen years of being ‘Simply Sterling,’ the thought of not being able to maintain the business was a hard pill to swallow; yet, the chance to start over has been equally amazing and scary!  In considering this second opportunity, I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like.  Believe it or not, it is almost ‘spot on’ to that initial concept! It will always be a work in progress, but that is retail and life; and I love a creative project!  Most business owners will agree, it’s just in our blood; we are drawn to the insanity.  We just can’t help it.  Too often, the sacrifices - too many to name - come into question.  For those who are passionate about surviving, the journey is what matters most. Learning, growing, building relationships, being open, and willing to serve has always been very rewarding; so I am delighted to be back in the saddle!  I thank the community for such a warm welcome!”

Sterling Silver and MUCH More!

Staying true to her brand, you will definitely still find a large collection of sterling silver jewelry, along with a complement of unique jewelry lines of other “silver” metals such as pewter, stainless steel, and a variety of mixed metals, creating quite the journey of discovery for her customers.  Lea was also very pleased to be able to bring one of her favorite lines, Holly Lane Designs, back to her customers. This sterling silver line of Christian jewelry, made here in the USA, continues to inspire and witness to many. This line, like many others available in the store, is also available through her website or through her Facebook page.  For Lea, it was “one of my personal driving forces in reopening the store.  A longtime customer and friend recently reminded me how blessed I was; that through this Christian line, I can remind others that ‘His presence is the best present.’”

Simply Sterling & Company has built a brand and reputation for providing lovely accessories, especially in combinations, which include apparel, handbags, and lotions and potions. Some of the most time favored collections include:

  • Waxing Poetic Story-telling Pendants
  • HOBO Fine Leather Wallets & Handbags
  • Simon Sebbag Designs, from Israel
  • Lenny & Eva, handcrafted in the USA
  • Liquid Metal Collections, made in the USA
  • J & I Jewelry, made in Pennsylvania
  • Jenny Krauss Belts, encouraging Fair Trade
  • 3 Sisters Jackets, designed and created in Texas
  • Lucina K Jewelry, created and made in Florida

And some NEW favorite kids on the block:

  • Lily & Laura Bracelets, from Nepal (Thanks, Julianna!)
  • KJUN Stainless Steel Earrings, from Michigan
  • Robin & Leigh Guitar String Jewelry, out of Tennessee
  • Gleeful Peacock, whimsically handmade in Oklahoma
  • The Vintage Pearl, fine pewter jewelry made in the USA
  • INIS…Energy of the Sea Lotion… a personal favorite of Lea’s!

Customer Service – Without the Pressure!

Specialty stores offer wonderful customer service.  Enter the door of “Simply Sterling” with or without an idea in mind and Lea will be happy to assist you.  As a standing policy, Simply Sterling offers a pressure-free environment.  Lea shares, “I can’t tell you how many times I have encouraged a customer to walk away from a purchase or talked them into a lesser priced item to meet the message of the gift. My husband and I have a large family, so I understand how important it is not to exceed your ‘gift budget.’ The goal is not to have buyer’s remorse, but to rejoice in a wise purchase.”

Lea Church Brendle of Simply Sterling & Company considers this “second chance” a dream come true.  She shares, “I am so appreciative of our family, particularly my husband, Gray, and oldest daughter, Madison, for bringing the business back to life by the end of the summer.  It was perfect timing to be ready for this holiday season!  A truly special “shout out” to my good friend, Ann, owner of The Painted Frog, one of our neighbors in the center, as she has provided an ongoing, constant, uplifting spirit, as well as friendship!”

Simply Sterling & Company is truly back!  Whenever you are looking for something unique this holiday season, such as a silk scarf or a leather purse, custom rings or “sentiment” bracelets, Simply Sterling is much more than just your favorite jewelry store!  Please visit them in The Village at Robinhood in Winston-Salem or visit the store’s Facebook page to make the special individuals in your life sparkle and shine with smiles of appreciation.

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