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Christmas Checklist for Successful Shopping!

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Simply Sterling & Company…way more than just your favorite jewelry store!

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By Lea Church Brendle 

68- Simply Sterling  Known for selling a vast collection of classic and trendy sterling silver jewelry since 1997, some might find it intriguing to know that Simply Sterling & Company sells way more than just jewelry! As time progressed, we found being a full fledge boutique was a whole lot more fun! 

To hear “Oh, you carry apparel?” as someone comes through the door is always exciting, and a little humorous as we have carried it since 2006.  As a jewelry boutique, we offer a great balance of not only unique jewelry collections, but specialty apparel, handbags and lots of other tempting accessories and finds! 

So, as you begin or continue your holiday shopping for all the special people in your life, including yourself, we hope you will keep us in mind! And when in doubt of what to buy, try these ideas on for size: 

Something they can wear…. Whether it is a tunic from our Turkish artist at Atelier-five, a pair of Dear John jeans, a fabulous jacket from 3 Sisters out of Texas or simply a pair of fleece-lined leggings, you will have plenty of choices! If size is a concern, don’t fret as we also carry an array of one-size options like our ShawlDawl Wraps, Cardi’s Vests and tons of scarves! And of course, there is always jewelry (of course there is!). 

Something they need…okay, okay…so maybe we aren’t the “need” store, we get it; but sometimes we all need a “new” something, like a new chain, a new pair of hoops, a new HOBO wallet, replenishment of

INIS lotion or a refreshing body scrub, new gloves and new socks! Who doesn’t need new socks? Especially new FUNKY socks or boot cuffs!

Lots of stockings should get socks! Just saying!

68- - Simply Sterling - FullSizeRenderSomething they want… yes, want is the magical word. Boy, oh boy, do we have some wants! But where do we begin? The list goes on and on, but let’s highlight a few. WAXING POETIC pendants & charms, for starters, have been a solid want on many lists, followed by LIQUID METAL bracelets and SIMON SEBBAG earrings. Additionally, many lists include handcrafted designs by our artists: ANNA BALKAN, PATRICIA LOCKE and J & I DESIGNS. For those wanting a faith-based gift, we have our ever-popular HOLLY LANE, VISIBLE FAITH and LUCINA K lines that are always sure winners! As a store, what we want is to present you with lines that help you tell your story, have a story or are made in the USA and are worthy of your purchase. 

Then there are those who you want to give a gift, but are struggling with th “what.” May we suggest….a magnetic clasp piano wire necklace for your sweet aunt, recycled aluminum earrings for your son’s girlfriend, maybe one of our Creative Energy Candles for your stressed out colleague and possibly a gift card or two for those last minute gifts

Something just because…everyone loves a “just because” gift. I know I do! We don’t always need a specific reason to give a gift, but when making the list of those special people, here are some suggestions …maybe it’s a guitar string bangle for your favorite musician, or a fork & spoon sculpture for the aspiring chef in your life, a couple of LILY & LAURA bracelets for your kids’ babysitter, a jewelry pouch or handbag by POUCHEE for your pet sitter or a NAKED BEE Lotion Gift Set for your mail man or mail lady…whomever the recipient may be, they will be tickled that you thought of them. 

68- - Simply Sterling - IMG_4994And something they can read (or write with)… this could roll in many different directions, like a sentimentally inscribed piece of jewelry from BB BECKER, an inspirational wrap bracelet from GOODWORKS, or a quotable pewter cuff, a graphite sculpture from AS BATLE that doubles as a pencil, or a beautifully written EAT YOUR PEAS book. 

We look forward to the challenge of making sure your holiday shopping experience is simply sterling! By the way, if you are a husband, boyfriend, son or brother (yes, you should buy your sister something) reading this, have no fear, we give you our word to do our absolute best to help you with that perfect gift!

So now that we have your shopping gears turning, here are some key details. We are located right off Robinhood Road at the intersection of Meadowlark, approximately 3.5 miles from Silas Creek, in The Village at Robinhood Shopping Center. If nothing else, tell Siri that we are at 5275 Robinhood Village Drive, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106, and she will promptly direct you. Our holiday hours are: Monday-Wednesday 10-7, Thursday-Saturday 10-8 and Sunday 1-6. If you have more questions, just give us a call at 336.896.0077. P.S…there is plenty of parking, too

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